Service is at our core and nowhere is that more prevalent than our Concierge team. Knowledgeable, discreet and consummate professionals, led by Head Concierge Richie Long, they wear the renowned Clefs d’Or with pride on their lapels, a symbol of their dedication to the highest levels of guest service.

At 11 Cadogan Gardens we treat our guests like valued friends and acquaintances. We understand our guests’ need for peace and privacy, and balance that with an attentive, yet never intrusive level of guest care. When you need us, we will always be there, but you will never feel our presence when you yearn for some time to yourself.

All the staff are great: William and Paul at the concierge station could not be more helpful. Be sure to interact with Richie, a classic concierge presence who possesses a sharp wit, and an impressive knowledge of London theatre.

Our Concierge team are the all knowing eyes and ears of the capital, able to guide and advise on every aspect of chic London living. From the most fabulous night spots, to the freshest juice bars or the most desirable boutiques and the toughest fitness classes – we’re able to lend our knowledge and expertise to whatever you desire.

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