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Exterior day time view of Harrods

A group experience delivered individually

Adapting to change quickly has been fundamental to business success in 2020. Recognising the strength of a team and the contribution of each individual is now more important than ever.

Iconic Experiences is an inspiring and flexible solution for reward, recognition and incentive programmes.  This is an innovative way to reinforce group identity and satisfy the human need for live interaction by giving corporate teams and customers a safe and appealing way to enjoy a group travel experience individually. 

Each Iconic Experience will include a one or two night stay at one of five of our properties, paired with a unique and dynamic ‘experience’ exclusive to each hotel:

  • One-stop shop offering 5 high-level hotels with individual character and desirable locations complemented by aspirational and inspirational experiences
  • Scalable to suit all group sizes
  • Can be tailored to a specific budget
  • Domestic destinations: flexible, sustainable and safe
  • Set time period and tracking
  • Tailored to suit objectives, brand and ethos

Sound intriguing? Let’s talk! Find out more about the concept, benefits and our properties below and contact Lisa Lernoux-Dock, Sales Director for more information.